About Us


The mission of Centrobill is to increase your profits and fuel the growth of your business by providing you with convenient, progressive and effective payment processing tools, services and solutions.

About us

Centrobill is an international company that provides a variety of tools and services for online consumer payment transactions processing. In our admin panel, you will find that we have several customizable options to aid in fraud prevention and risk evaluation, full transaction management, and so forth.

With advanced features like our geo targeting, you control transactions and sales coming from different parts of the world, and your customers are presented different types of payment methods such as credit cards, direct bank account debiting, ACH, prepaid or mobile.

Our Offices

Eurobill Tech Ltd, formerly Centrobill (Cyprus) Limited
‘9 Karpenisiou Street
2021 Nicosia
‘253 Main Street
#222, Matawan NJ 07747’
Services CentroBill Ltee
‘2500-1751 Rue Richardson,
Montréal, QC H3K 1G6’