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Payment gateway for Forex - Centrobill

By nature, Forex trading requires a company’s speculation of currency prices, creating an opportunity to make a profit.

In a speculative market, the last thing anyone wants is more instability. Centrobill provides the kind of rock-solid stability that Forex companies require. Seamless data management, statistical tracking, and encryption are essential hallmarks of your Forex operations. Centrobill has extensive experience supporting these aspects of your platform while giving you access to the widest range of payment options and customer geolocations.

  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring
  • Customizable Trading Limits
  • Advanced Fraud Detection specific to forex trading patterns
  • Multi-account load balancing for fault tolerance and approval rate optimization
  • Subscription management. Automated authorization retry and subscription recovery
  • Supports all currencies
  • Built to efficiently manage peak times and the needs of high-frequency traders
  • Alternative payment options such as bank transfers, crypto, and localized methods
  • Custom features, custom PSPs and acquirers on request

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