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Centrobill has vast experience in the adult sector

Unlike many other FinTech providers, Centrobill has vast experience in the adult sector.

Centrobill will help you unlock Success in the Adult Industry

If you are already working in the adult industry, it’s almost guaranteed that you have already heard of us. That’s because we work with many of the top brands in the industry and have deep roots that have been carefully cultivated over the last three decades. Whether you offer freemium, premium, live streaming, prerecorded, or virtually any other form of adult entertainment – we know what works best and how to get everything done quickly and efficiently.

  • All types of subscriptions (recurring, free trial, etc)
  • “Remember me” One-click payments. Cross-sales and upsells
  • Membership management
  • NATs integration
  • Multi-account load balancing for fault tolerance and approval rate optimization
  • Subscription management. Automated authorization retry and subscription recovery
  • Multi-currency payment options
  • Risk management: intelligent fraud scrubbing, chargebacks prevention (Ethoca, Verify, RDR, etc)
  • Alternative payment options such as bank transfers, crypto, and localized methods
  • Analytics and reporting
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