Online Gaming Merchant Accounts: Turn Players Into Payers

While online gaming companies set up their games in different ways to maximize profits and have different target audiences; the main goals of each gaming platform have similarities.
The online gaming market is growing rapidly, and gamers are more aware than ever of what can be expected from infrastructure providers and gaming platforms. With a reliable gaming merchant account, online companies can make the most of their business. One of the most important goals of online gaming merchants is turning players into payers.

Online gaming has been increasing in popularity for many years and continues to grow fast. Smartphone penetration rates are also growing, and there has been huge interest in mobile games. Gaming companies have many opportunities to attract more customers, and the online gaming merchant account they choose is part of the process.

Consumers are looking for a smooth experience from beginning to end, including the process of spending money on in-game purchases. Choosing an exceptional and reputable payment gateway for online gaming is essential. Centrobill has numerous options available, designed to enhance user experience and cater to your company’s goals.

Putting A Focus On User Experience

A large priority for gamers is fast performance. Online gaming merchants can cater to this by creating a user interface that will help users immerse themselves in the action happening on their screens better. Companies can provide an exceptional user experience that helps them win over more customers and keep players returning often.

Games need to work fast and have efficiency, and the payment flow needs to as well. Gamers may abandon playing a game if it is interrupted by long and complicated payment processes. The focus is on being fast and efficient, as well as secure, improving both gameplay and the overall player experience. Centrobill has payment processing options that will help get people back to the game quickly, increasing player satisfaction in the process. There are also options where the game does not even need to be paused, with users paying while they play.

People who are playing should be able to purchase in-game items and power-ups in an intuitive, fast, and efficient manner. Avoiding distractions, redirections, and unwanted surprises is essential. Use the tips in this article to give gamers a smooth experience with simple and fast payments. Allowing them to make these payments without having to pause the game also provides benefits. Centrobill provides payment gateways for online gaming that deliver an enhanced user experience and top-level usability. Getting the competitive edge provided here makes a large impact.

Use A Polished User Interface For Payments

The best and most popular games depend on technology to design a gaming process that is streamlined and easy to use. Subpar user interfaces do not perform well, and gaming companies work hard to create an interface that keeps their customers engaged. Having the same high standards when it comes to your payment process is essential. Fast integration is also key; it should not take more than a few hours to integrate a customer-focused design into new games as they are released.

Make sure to test your setup and make sure your payment checkout is fast, secure, and lets people flow quickly and easily back into the action. If things can be removed to speed up the process while also keeping accuracy and security high, choose a payment processing company that can help you remove them. Centrobill provides options for quick and simple one-click payments to help complete in-app purchases without redirecting gamers to external services, which is essential.

In recent years, reports have indicated that people worldwide spend more time playing games on mobile devices than on tablets and computers. Since people are playing on the go more than ever, they need quick and simple in-app payments. Centrobill offers top features that add value to your online gaming business. These include things like AI-based processes, cross-selling, and others.

Analyzing gamer’s behavior, companies can take advantage of cross-selling by displaying personalized offers to entice them. When the purchase is just one click away, without having to quit the game, the chances that your gaming platform will bring in extra earnings increases. Having an efficient process that is not invasive can also help improve customer loyalty overall. In addition, customers want to have their choice of payment methods and increased convenience whenever possible.

Cybersecurity Is Important In Gaming

Privacy is heavily valued in the gaming community. Outside of gameplay, they pay attention to the security of their data. Reports have shown that more than 50% of gamers would stop making purchases or playing games on a website that has been affected by a security breach. This shows the importance of protecting people’s personal information. People are aware that data needs to be securely stored and well encrypted; otherwise, attackers could use it maliciously. For the most engaged gamers, their virtual assets are also a testament to their dedication and skills, increasing their desire for security. Over 30% of paying gamers are less likely to make purchases within a game because they worry about the fraud risks.

In addition, companies need to choose a payment processor that decreases chargebacks and card testing fraud whenever possible. Some payment processing companies go beyond to prevent these things and help customers deal with both of these issues.

Centrobill has a team dedicated to maximizing your profits while also decreasing the time it takes to deal with chargebacks and other types of fraud. Information coming from ThreatMetrix in their Gaming and Gambling Cybercrime report states that there is a fraudster behind one in every 20 accounts created on online gaming websites. As fraud becomes a real concern with online gaming companies, there are higher numbers of potential chargebacks.

More About Online Gaming Security

Friendly fraud is another threat to online gaming businesses that needs to be taken seriously. When this occurs, and the cardholder files a chargeback without even trying to approach a merchant for a refund, it can affect the business’s reputation. Take note that this can also be the result of not being able to recognize a merchant’s descriptor on a banking statement.

Card testing fraud is also something the online gaming industry faces. In most cases, this happens when fraudsters use stolen cards to make frequent low-value purchases. Centrobill provides a system that helps block such card testers, helping decrease the number of chargebacks from the credit cards real owners. Talk to the team at Centrobill about the anti-fraud tools that are in place. Centrobill is a payment gateway that delivers top solutions. Using well-conducted velocity checks and smart behavioural tracking, the Centrobill system can spot card testing automatically.

One way to reduce the risk of security breaches without affecting the gaming experience is through the use of tokenization. Centrobill provides a payment platform that uses multilevel security with AI to create top dynamic rules that adjust to the industry and have more accuracy than static rules. Also, note that reliable payment processing platforms mean you do not need to think about the burden of having to comply with PCI requirements.

Protecting Gamers Social Lives

Online security also touches on the need to protect customers digital personas. Playing games often leads to gamers developing relationships with other players. If an account is compromised, it can negatively affect a gamer’s social life. While there is no one-size-fits-all security solution in gaming due to there being different types of games and gaming services, Centrobill provides flexible solutions and adjusts to the specifics of your gaming company’s needs. It is essential to find a payment processor that has this type of flexibility.

Keep Paying Subscribers Around Longer

Utilizing subscription payments for your business can lead to better cash flow, and there are also reduced declines that can stem partially from uninterrupted gaming experiences. The result is customers end up playing more games and spending more money. Many online gaming companies are concerned that they will have to fight to reduce churn connected to the subscription-based payments they are getting. Companies are always looking for solutions to keep paying subscribers around for longer. Churn refers to subscribers who stop paying for your service or product. There are many different reasons a person may do this.

In some cases, the customer no longer wants to use your service, for example. This is an intentional example of churn. However, churn can also happen when a gamer’s card becomes outdated, when there are not sufficient funds on it, and for other unintentional reasons. If a gaming business does not take action when unintentional churn happens, they may lose the person as a customer. Centrobill can help you spot failed payments before the membership ends, helping to remedy the situation and keep the subscription going longer. While dealing with unintentional churn is a fantastic way to keep subscription numbers up, keep in mind that over 65% of churn is a result of bad user experiences. This is another reason the design your payment flow has is essential.

What To Consider When Choosing An Online Gaming Merchant Account

Select an online gaming merchant account that will let you handle both payments and regulatory challenges. The regulations faced by the gaming industry change at a fast rate, so having a company like Centrobill that keeps up and helps you deal with these challenges is essential. Make sure you can accept all major credit cards and only consider payment processors that provide a smooth experience, with no hassles and no downtimes.

Reports have found that over 40% of gamers believe that payment processes in games should be improved, with almost on third of gamers in the UK having reported bad experiences because of a slow payment process. Note that online gaming may be considered high risk due to the high volume turnover and the industry’s background. Gaming comes with the potential for numerous chargebacks, and Centrobill works with high-risk merchants to give the best features and services available. Reach out to the exceptional team at Centrobill and integrate the best in features and services to your platform today.